Fig Chutney

Fresh Figs = Fig Chutney or goodness in a jar, as we like to call it. We Indians love chutneys and I can say safely that most Indian households have some form of chutney in their refrigerators all through the year. We, north-Indians, love a dollop of (almost any) chutney (along with some pickle) with our staple: dal-chawal. We also don’t mind slathering some green coriander & mint chutney on our breakfast sandwiches. And oh, …

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Crispy Karela (Bitter Gourd) Stir Fry

We are food bloggers but we eat normal everyday food too! You wonder why I started this post with such an odd comment? No. Not because we’re cooking bitter gourd today.  Let me tell you why. I think there is this expectation the world has from us food bloggers that we cook and eat exotic food every single meal of our life. I am not sure if many of my blogger friends hear this comment …

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Spicy Peanut Chaat

Spicy Peanut Chaat- a childhood snack recreated! I remember having some version of this as a kid and remember loving it too. Of late, I have been looking for healthy ways of dealing with my post-lunch/ pre-dinner hunger pangs. So one evening, to stop myself from indulging in the not-so-good-for-me snacks I decided I am going to go nuts about peanuts! Bad one, yeah?

Papaya Smoothie

I am not sure about you, but I associate smoothies with summer. Blending cold fruits into a smoothie in the winters is not something I think I will be able to do. I can try but don’t think it’ll work. In the cold, I want something to keep me warm- physically and psychologically. 🙂 So with the end of summer upon us, I am whipping up the last set of these nutrition packed smoothies and …

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Quick Asian Tofu Stir Fry

Some of you may remember this from a picture we posted on Instagram a few weeks ago. This has now become a staple at our house. Tofu has never tasted better before. Well, it has, when we made this and this. 😀 Tofu is something I have only started liking recently. If cooked well, I think a lot of us, who don’t like it for its texture, will love it. One trick to make tofu …

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Portobello Mushroom Sliders

On some days, I am just very lazy to post. Most days of last week were lazy which explains our absence. Also, last week we just preferred to cook & eat and skip the “click” step of our usual routine. It is so exhausting at times, especially for us “wannabe good food photographers” who try to click a decent picture or two with the so-called right props et al. I must indulge in some self-praising …

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Garlic Mushroom Clear Soup

This soup was originally scheduled to make it to Soups with SS. However, it didn’t and now we’re too late. Hopefully, we’re able to make it to Sonal & Shruti’s next event. For now, we’ll pretend we attended the soup party. 🙂 We love soups and clear soups even more. The reason why soups haven’t made an entry on our blog yet is because we miserably to capture soups in way that make them …

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