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Of late, a lot of our friends are showcasing their hidden talents or rather, publishing their not-so-commonly known flairs in print! If you follow our blog, you must have seen me gloat about a recent book release by a close friend. Well, this is another gloat-post, also about a book, this time a children’s book: Story of a Robot Man by Matthew P. Scholle.

The author & illustrator behind this book is our good friend Matthew P. Scholle (more “popularly” known as Matt). Matt is a Business Analyst based in Cincinnati Ohio, an artist, an art blogger, husband to a beautiful stand-up comedian wife, father to a musician teenager, an engaging story teller and now an author!

His book, Story of a Robot Man, is about Jess and John, two childhood friends, whose imaginary adventure turns into an unexpected reality when, wild into the woods, their paths cross a huge robotic man. They aren’t sure if they should run for their lives or if they have found a friend but, they will all need each other when something terrible happens. There are moments of wild creeps, crawls and slithers. Of wonder and some shivers too.  It is filled with secrets to explore and discover that sometimes, the wild exists right in your backyard. But then, wild can be dangerous and overwhelming too! Matt captures the innocent, crazy yet ingenious minds of the littles in the most enthralling manner that help the young (and adult) minds visualize and be a part of the adventure. So, how does their vivid imagination lead them into the adventure of their life? Is it for real or just really imagination? Find out for yourself!

RobotMan_Illustrations Matt

The illustrations in the book, although limited, echo and embrace the heart of the story. The art brilliantly captures the uninhibited, natural and free-spirited energy of imagination. The book is geared for ages 6-14 years, so if you’ve got littles and young energetic minds in your home, this one is surely worth checking out.

RobotMan_Illustrations Matt


Here is an excerpt of a fun chat with Matt:

Aditi: What’s your inspiration behind the book?

Matt: I guess my childhood.  I have memories of visiting my grandfather’s farm. He had every tool you could think of. The property was full of barns and shacks and interesting places all linked by gravel roads. I grew up in the suburbs. I remember playing in friends back yards and woods and making up little adventures in our minds.   So I guess, this whole thing is just reliving how I saw things when I was young, what was important, and what I thought about.

A: How would you describe the book in one sentence?

M: An imaginative backyard adventure about a little boy and a robot.

A: Which is your favorite part/ sentence/ sequence/ adventure of the book?

M: Hmm…   Yeah, I have a few; but I think my favorite is the start of Chapter 6.  “Like something from his comic books, lying in the stream was a metal machine-like man, a real live robot.”  I like this image in my head, and I feel like this is the real start of the book.   I think the discovery is what I remember most about my imagination as a kid.   I always wanted to find something.

A: Did you ever get writer’s block and what helped you overcome it?

M: Not in this story.   It’s much too small.  Ha.   But I have had this issue before, and generally I just step away from it.   Seems like that normally gets my mind going.

A: What is the most tedious process of writing a book?

M: Well, I love the writing process. I love the story telling and tweaking the words. I love drawing, and trying to get the image from my head onto the paper.   But…   some days it felt like this process would never end.  There was always an issue with the computer, and putting it all together getting it all finalized.   Spelling…   I really hate spelling.

A: Is writing children’s book going to be your genre or would you like to explore other genres as well?

M: I think I will always be writing stories for young people.   I have no interest in being grown up; to me there would be no fun in that.

A: What do you enjoy the most: your day job, writing or illustrating?

M: My day job?  No. 🙂 .  I really enjoy writing the most, maybe not even the writing..  Just day dreaming about a story is my favorite.

A: So, what’s next?

M: Well…   I have a few more stories already started; maybe even a possible graphic novel.   First though, I think I have a story about a Rock N Roll wolf that I will work on.


So if this blog post is not convincing enough, then may be the fact that one of the editors is known to you may want you to get a copy for yourself.  Wonder who it is? Well, I am not telling you! You gotta check it out (and order) the book! It’s available for purchase on Amazon and here is the link.



For those living in the Cincinnati region, you get to meet the author and get your personalized signed copy of the book at Gallery Veronique on October 14th– 15th 2016. So don’t miss it!



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