Almond Pistachio Kulfi: Guest Post at The Spice Adventuress & Fiesta Friday!

Almond Pistachio Kulfi

Almond Pistachio Kulfi, yes that’s right. This is what we made to take to our lovely blogger friend Dhanya’s wonderful blog at The Spice Adventuress.

Almond Pistachio Kulfi

Go have a look at the wonderful dishes she whips up in her kitchen and of course to get the recipe for this easy peasy home-made Almond Pistachio Kulfi!

With ingredients that most of us already have in our pantry, it couldn’t be easier to make Kulfi. What’s better is you control the amount of sugar that goes in. Click here to get the recipe and enjoy this on a sunny summer afternoon!

Almond Pistachio Kulfi

Oh and we are being extremely lazy this Fiesta Friday and taking this to Angie’s @ The Novice Gardener! We are going to attend the party and not taking anything along is out of question, so a few Almond Pistachio Kulfi’s in hand are better than none at all!  If you haven’t already joined the party, head over now! The lovely ladies- Angie, Margherita & Sylvia cannot wait to have you over!


  1. Such beautiful photos with that color combination! These pops are perfect for a warm day. Love it!

  2. Gorgeous popsicles, guys! I love the color pairing in these pics!

  3. There’s nothing like homemade ice cream yum

  4. Yum, these look great!

  5. Kulfi was my first recipe on my blog, so it has a special place in my heart (& stomach!) Your version looks gorgeous and the photos are lovely too 🙂

  6. Wow, a great and simple recipe for kulfi. I love the additional spices, and pistachios will definitely do it for me. Great recipe, thanks!

  7. I was wondering some days ago (it’s very hot even here in Montreal) how would have tasted an almond an pistachio kind of popsicle… Now I have the recipe, no more excuses, I have to make it! Thanks for brining this over to FF!

  8. Oh we so love kulfi here, and your receipe looks a bit simpler than ours. Now, when Australian mangoes come back into season we’ll give this a go.

  9. Woww!!i love kulfi.. And they looks awesome..
    Happy FF#23

  10. Woww!!i love kulfi.. And they looks awesome..
    Happy FF#23

  11. These look amazing. I am at Angie’s party too, Aditi and Nikhil. I have to pre book one of those, as you are carrying only a few. Can’t go back without digging on at east one of them lol 🙂

  12. What a wonderful recipe and photos! Yum, those would be perfect right now in the hot weather we have in Miami! I wish I could beam some over! 😉 Thanks for brining to the Fiesta and I am sure everyone will enjoy them!

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  14. Wow those are so pretty I just want to frame them hehe

  15. absolutely mouthwatering…need to try this!

  16. Guys,
    Wah Kya baat hai :). Absolutely loved the kulfi. Such an easy recipe! A must try for sure :).

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