Kurkuri Masala Bhindi (Indian Crispy Fried Okra)

Kurkuri Masala Bhindi

And..we are back! No we were not on a holiday nor were we busy with work. We were having a staycation..at home.. with my parents and we sure did have a wonderful time. We finally learnt the “right” way of Indian cooking. Up until now, we did our own thing but now we’ve noted some secrets of everyday Indian cooking and we’ll hopefully be able to share some of them with you!

We also have a lot of catching up to do. We’ve missed being around here and skipped a few parties here and there and missed eating with our eyes! But all for good.

So today, we are going to start with my mum’s Kurkuri Masala Bhindi which is Okra marinated in some Indian spices, lightly coated with gram flour and deep fried (“Kurkuri” means crispy). Something’s are just better fried and we make no compromises there. We’ll make up for it another day.

Kurkuri Masala Bhindi

Kurkuri Masala Bhindi makes a great snack, a side and we can even make a meal of it! It also makes a great dish to take to Angie’s (again, a late entry!) and is a great Meatless Monday recipe too!

Here is how we made it:

Kurkuri Masala Bhindi (Fried Okra: Indian style)

Yield: 3-4 servings


  • 300 grams (0.6 pounds) Okra/ Bhindi
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala
  • ¾ teaspoon amchur powder (dry mango powder)
  • ¾ teaspoon red chili powder
  • Salt to taste (start with about a teaspoon)
  • 2 tablespoons besan (Gram Flour)
  • Oil for deep frying


  1. Wash and dry the okra well. Cut each okra lengthwise in four pieces.
  2. Put the okra in a large bowl and add in the lemon juice, garam masala,amchur, red chili powder and salt. Mix this well and set this aside to marinade for about 2 hours (or even less if you don’t have enough time).
  3. After 2 hours, sprinkle the besan over the okra and mix this gently making sure the besan coats the okra well. Add in more besan as required.
  4. Heat enough oil for deep frying on medium-high heat.
  5. Carefully drop in the okra and fry the okra until it turns golden brown. Keep turning these every 2-3 minutes to ensure they don’t burn. It should take about 4-5 minutes to get the golden brown color on medium-high heat.
  6. Serve as a snack or a side and enjoy!

Kurkuri Masala Bhindi


  1. Hey guys, I tried this for lunch today. I make a similar masala bhindi, but I think the amchur and besan added great flavor to this recipe. I couldn’t justify deep-frying them, so just used a thin layer of oil on a hot hot skillet.
    It was absolutely delish! Cheers!!

    • Hahah.. I can understand about the deep frying bit. We haven’t had anything fried since then! :p So glad you tried this. Yayy! Thanks for letting us know, Anjana. xx

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  3. Goodness gracious, look at how crispy those are!!

  4. I’ve missed you guys! Can’t wait to see what nuggets of wisdom you have picked up to pass on to us. The okra look amazeballs (did I actually just write that?)!! That coating sounds delicious and I can practically feel it crunching under my teeth…this is not one that can be baked but as I have #FearOfFrying I will have to wait for someone to make this for me. Welcome back!

    • Hahha.. I know what you are saying, Selma. I have a fear of frying too and always get stuff ready and get Nikhil to fry it :). This one was totally my mum’s creation so we just watched! 🙂

  5. Lovely post. I always run from fried stuff… but this has tempted me. Will try soon, thanks for the recipe 🙂

  6. Hi guys! These fried okra look great! YUM. Looking forward to reading about all your new-found Indian cooking secrets!

    • Hey Ngan! You should try these. They are pretty easy and so yum. Worth the indulgence. What we call secrets I think are facts for my mum and a lot of other experienced cooks nevertheless, we’ll share all we can! We are slowly catching up on our reading and will soon get to your blog to see what’s been up!

  7. Welcome back guys! I hope you had great time in vacation, I can’t wait to learn more about your parents taught you! This recipe looks amazing and very yummy!

    • hahaha! Thanks, Margherita! We had an absolute ball and gorged on such yummy goodness cooked by mum. Nothing matches mum’s cooking even if it’s regular everyday food!

  8. Hey you two! So glad you are back and sharing your new-found knowledge with us! I am really looking forward to learning more about Indian cooking through your posts! This dish looks amazing and is just perfect finger food for a party like Fiesta Friday! So yummy! Thanks very much for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! 😀

  9. Yay!! My absolute favourite way to cook and eat bhindi!! Going to try your version soon! Your pictures are blowing my mind by the way 🙂

  10. Looking forward to some of your newly learned “traditional” home cookin’. Welcome back.

    • Thanks, Stacey! And I agree with you. A healthy diet can include fried food in moderation. It’s when we go overboard with eating fried food is what we should avoid doing!

  11. Yumm! Yumm! Yumm!
    Yes you were sorely missed but excused since you have a good reason ;). Will be trying this soooon!

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  13. It looks awesome, Aditi! I love the marinating idea before frying too.

  14. I love bhinda…oh my gosh my mouth is watering x

  15. I love okra and just bought some and this looks delish however I don’t have a deep fat fryer and also have started a diet which involves cutting down frying bleh 🙁 but if you get another method for cooking okra would love to know it cx

    • Diet is such a nasty word, don’t you mean just eating healthier (which p.s. includes fried food in moderation)?

    • So glad you liked this, Justine! You could treat yourself to this once you are done with detoxifying yourself ;). And you don’t really need a deep fryer. You could use a smallish heavy bottom pan and put enough oil for frying and there! But for now if you are really looking to cook okra in less oil, I remember Sonal has put up a wonderful recipe on her blog which I have tasted and it sure is good!

  16. I love this, I’ve wanted to make them for a long time, maybe I should give it a go now?!

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