The WordPress Family Award


wordpress-family-awardOur kind blogger friend Upasna from Life on my Plate has nominated us for yet another award-  the WordPress Family Award! Now how cool is that? Thank you Upasna and congratulations to you too for your awards- sincere apologies for the delayed acceptance. We’ve been meaning to write about it and finally got around to doing it. Just a few weeks back I had seen this particular award on many other blogs and wondered who gave away these awards and how we could get one and someone (read: Upasna) probably heard me say that in my head! 🙂 Upasna, without blogger friends like you- our blog is indeed incomplete.

So, the rules are pretty easy:

  • Thank your WordPress Family Award presenter on your blog
  • Add the link of the award presenter’s blog who awarded you
  • Post the award on your blog
  • Present the  WordPress Family Award  to the blogs that you enjoy (and ideally those who haven’t already received this award)
  • Notify the awardees by leaving a comment on their blog

So our nominees for the WordPress Family Award are… drumroll…..taaadddaaaa…..

We are absolutely delighted to be receiving this award and truly believe each of you deserve this too!

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