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Warning: This is a long post. 🙂

We finally got over our weekend holiday blues and thought should share some of the amazing food we had in Washington D.C.- which is where we spent our long weekend. Other than obviously doing a lot of touristy things we stuffed ourselves at reasonable intervals. Our strategy this time around was to have a hearty breakfast and then grab something small on the go and have a good dinner. Even though we had a list of places we wanted to go to we couldn’t really go to many of them ‘coz we were being tourists and had to make good with whatever was around at the time we were hungry. I would also be lying if I said all the food we had there was awesome. To be frank we had some horrible over-rated food this time but we’d rather tell you about the good stuff we had there.

So we drove down from Cincinnati and stopped for the night at a small town called Grantsville in Maryland. We stayed at The Casselman Inn where we reached in the middle of the night and were absolutely mesmerized by the quaint looking inn. We actually had to ring a bell at the door to wake up the inn-keeper to show us our room. After we got our keys etc., we decided to click a few pictures. Yes- it was the middle of the night but we just couldn’t not click pictures- after all it was originally built in the 1840’s and still had that old-fashioned charm to it.


So anyway, the next morning we went to the inn’s restaurant which was like a big dining room in a big house. The food was home-made and we had the usual American breakfast. But just the history behind the place made the food taste even yummier. Amongst other things we had American style French toast made with fresh home-made bread with even fresh-er (if there is a word like that) maple syrup. The thing I like about French toasts here is that they are perfectly eggy (not too eggy) and crispy at the same time (I got to know they bake their French toasts in the oven after searing them on the pan for a bit) and have that hint of sweetness which just enhances the flavor. The French toasts I make come out very eggy and soggy- but I know the reasons for that and I’ll leave that story for another day.


The next best thing we had in DC was this Chicken Biryani that we had been craving for a long time. We had this at the Red Toque Café which was the most unassuming of all places tucked away into a corner of a street. The ambiance wasn’t what we expected and neither was the food- the food was so much better than we expected and the ambiance-cute. We were so excited and hungry that we couldn’t take too many pictures because we started gobbling the food as soon as it arrived on our table. The owner/ manager was kind enough to tell us what we should order- he asked us if we wanted our food spicy and when we said spicy he said I assume Indian spicy and we of course said yes. He warned us from ordering the “kadhai chicken” ‘coz he said it was “Americanized spicy” (which means not too spicy) and that we probably wouldn’t like it much. So anyway, Red Toque Café gets a 5 star from us! Location: 1701 6th St NW (between N S St & N R St) Washington, DC 20001


A new day, another American breakfast at yet another iconic place- Lincoln Waffle Shop. This place was right opposite the Ford theatre (where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated) and was a small, cramped, 20-year old American breakfast diner. It was different in that they had made such awesome use of the space that left us quite amused. There was a tall bar like table running on all sides of the restaurant just like a bar and the servers came from behind there to serve us. I am not sure if I am able to explain this properly but perhaps the pictures will tell you the story. So our pick here were the Banana Waffles. These waffles were so light and airy and they just melted in our mouth with the bananas and maple syrup. A 4-star rating to the Lincoln Waffle ShopLocation: 504 10th St NW  Washington, DC 20004 (Close to Shaw metro)


In the afternoon the same day we had just stepped out of the Crime Museum (yes- there was a museum for almost everything in DC!) and crossed this pizzeria called District of π (Pi). We were hungry for a small meal and stepped in and saw they had what looked like incredible pizzas on their menu. We ordered their “east loop” pizza which a thin crust pizza with mozzarella, pesto, roasted chicken, mushrooms and onions. What was great about this pizza was that it didn’t have a drop of tomato (in any form!) and it was the pesto which gave it all the flavor. As I have mentioned, I am not much of a risk taker when it comes to food and not having a pizza with any tomato sauce in it was a risk enough for me and a risk that worked out great! It was one of the most flavorful, crusty and chewy “non-tomato-ey” pizza I have ever had! Must try! Location: 910 F St NW  Washington, DC 20004 (Penn Quarter)


Here we were on the final day at another typical American diner- Bob & Edith’s Diner. A 24-hour, family run, 44-year old diner was our breakfast stop. The ambiance, the people, the hustle bustle and the huge and tasty breakfast portions made us give this diner 4 stars! Location: 2310 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204  Here is what we had-


So, if you were to ask us to tell you one place from the above that you shouldn’t miss, we would definitely ask you to go to the Red Toque Café. Hope you had fun reading our DC food diaries. Do watch out this space for more. We just bought some beautiful golden and red raspberries and I’m hoping to come up with a sweet something soon enough!

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