Postcards from Charleston


We were visiting Charleston in South Carolina last week and had such an incredible time. Some of our friends were quite surprised when we said we are going to Charleston for a holiday and most of our family back in India didn’t know where exactly Charleston was. It is probably not a “known” destination for a “typical foreign tourist” but that is exactly what we wanted from this holiday. Not many (including me before planning this holiday) know that Charleston is known for it rich history, well-preserved architecture, great restaurants and extremely helpful & polite people. Continue reading

Kale & Berry Smoothie


We have to admit that we never were very big fans of smoothies until we saw our friend Patty’s healthy Triple Berry Green Smoothie. You must check out the awesome recipes she whips up and of course you can’t miss cute little Bailey. So our smoothie here is a combination of ingredients we had in our refrigerator. With grocery stores stocked with fresh berries these days, we went overboard with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries! It’s …

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We Are Back, Fiesta Friday & Strawberry Shortcake


Hello and welcome back! After a grueling two-week blog makeover period we are back with the soft opening of our brand new website. Yes- it’s still what we’d like to call a “soft-opening”. We are still putting all the bells and whistles in place and working behind the scenes to make everything look better. When we started the process a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t think it would take us this long to get …

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Dahi Kebabs (Yoghurt Kebabs)


Dahi (Yoghurt) Kebabs are a classic Indian appetizer. There seem to be a few ways to make these but we made these from my memory from the ones we used to have at one of our family’s favorite restaurant back home in Delhi. They are so refreshing and delicious with the yoghurt and mint that it’s hard not to love them. We deep fried these kebabs but you could shallow fry them on a non-stick pan …

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Home-made Italian Bread


N loves bread- buying, eating and baking, one of the very few things he likes to bake (so much for going on a low-carb diet). If I ever lose him in the grocery store I know where to find him- he’s that predictable with bread. This Friday, N decided he wanted to make stretch bread. He had attempted a few before as well that didn’t quite make it on the blog ‘coz they were not …

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Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle (Bharwaan Lal Mirch Ka Achaar)


So we saw these beautiful long red chillies at the grocery store a few weeks back. They were so pretty that we couldn’t resist not buying them. Don’t you agree? We only took about 5-6 of them knowing we couldn’t do much with them other than make pickle. With just the two of us a pickle with 5-6 chilies would easily last over a year. I made a similar pickle last year with green chilies and …

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Moroccan Chicken Kebabs with Moroccan Rice Pilaf


We are late to Fiesta Friday yet again! We were out playing in the sun. It’s a terribly cold day again today so we were making the most of the last two days. I know I promised not to rant about the winters again but spring is refusing to come. Even the change of clocks hasn’t helped one bit! But without drowning into winter blues any more, here we are with Moroccan Chicken Kebabs and …

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Sunshine Award


Yet another feather added to our blogging cap! We were just awarded the Sunshine Award by our lovely blogger friend, Apsara from Eating Well Diary. You gotta love her blog- full of healthy, wholesome, vegetarian and interesting recipes. Our favorite recipe from her blog, which we are yet to try, is the Eggless and Sugarless Whole Wheat Apricot Cupcakes. Thank you Apsara for giving this award to us. You would agree when we say that …

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